Contoh Soal Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris untuk SMK| Contoh soal Ujian Nasional bahasa Inggris berikut ini untuk kelas XII yang diambil secara acak dari beberapa soal UN tahun-tahun sebelumnya. Disertai juga dengan pembahasan atau cara menjawab dengan lebih mudah (rumus praktis). Berikut ini preview soalnya, untuk mendownload silahkan klik link di bawahnya.

A. 50 contoh soal bahasa Inggris UN SMK.

Text for Question number 1-2!
Employers from around the country are interested in talking with you!
We have gathered over 100 companies, representing a variety of industries. To meet with you at the JAKARTA JOB FAIR on Saturday and Saturday, May 7th -8th from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00. p.m. Location: Jakarta Convention Center, Jln. Gunung Mas No. 34/Jakarta Pusat 16007.
Parking is available, no registration is necessary. Bring copies of your resume.
For more details, call our JCC office at: 021-415627125 / 021-415627126
Email :

  1. What should interested readers do ?
    A. Send the employers their resume
    B. Call to register
    C. Go to the fair
    D. Check the website
  2. Where will the fair be held?
    A. At employer’s office.
    B. At locations around the country.
    C. At the meeting center in Jakarta Convention Center.
    D. In Jakarta Convention Center
    Error Recognition Question from number 3 to 10!
  3. Edi: “Let’s go to (A) the JAVA MALL, Clara. (B)”
    Clara: “If I finished my homework, (C) I want to (D) go with you there.”
  4. Wendy: “I can like (A) to reserve a single room, (B) please?”
    Receptionist: “All right. (C) For how many nights, (D) Ma’am?”
    Wendy: “Two nights, please.”
  5. Tika : How often are paychecks issued? (A)
    Lia : Paychecks will give (B) out every two weeks.
    Tika : Good. I think (C) that’s better (D) than once a month.
  6. Have problems with your health (A), weak and exhausted?
    Try Nature Privileges! One pill a day will keep you not only healthy and energetic (B): so, ‘rush to the nearest drugstore (C) for 30% discount until the end (D) of May.
  7. Ramayana Department Store announces (A) the bigger (B) sale of the year. Prices are up to 70 %. This interesting (C) offer is only for (D) three days.
  8. Adelia : Would I give (A) me discount
    Dela : I don’t think (B) so. My boss will be angry if I give it (C) to you
    Adelia : Take it easy, just kidding (D)
  9. Student : What do you think (A) I should do after graduating (B) from vocational school?
    Teacher : I think being an enterpreneur is good (C) than working (D) in a company.
  10. I lost (A) the cassette whom (B) I bought yesterday. I had looked for (C) it everywhere but I could not find (D) it.

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B. Pembahasannya.

Dan untuk pembahasannya, silahkan download dengan klik DI SINI.

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